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College Essay I wrote this year, about Luciferion lol

“Strength, not weakness; A will, not fate; Pure and fearless; in depths you’ll find yourself”. The first time I heard these words, my mind had been captured and freed at the same time. I encountered them at a very pivotal stage in my life, the time between childhood where all one ever knows is the ideals of their parents, and the beginning of maturity and individual thought. Entertaining new ideas of self-empowerment, as well as concluding that “divine power” that anyone would ever need was found within. The album in question is Luciferion’s The Apostate, and it is the one creative work that has had the most profound impact on me.

            I grew up in a always moving household where my father maintained a “job” as a Youth Pastor for over twenty something years. So in return, I was raised with Judeo-Christian morals and values. Having being brought up in these morals and knowing no different, I came to just accept my parents concepts of living, thinking, and acting. On the outside I was gung ho for what my parents had taught me, but I truly never had sold my soul and signed the book at this point. Living in my own secret world had its advantages though, allowing me to be more attracted to different types of music. The main genre that interested me was Heavy Metal.

Heavy Metal is commonly thought of as “anti-religious” while also being known for breeding bands that advocate open-mindedness and free thought. I began to fill out in my skin more, being more comfortable with my brain and accepting myself for who I had become. Around this time of new beginnings, my interest in Metal became exponential and I was finding tons of new bands every day. Shortly after this I came around to listening to a band named Luciferion, and more specifically their album The Apostate. It is a concept album based upon the movie Dark City, and it borrows many audio samples from the movie to help tell the story. The general theme of the movie as well as the album is mans quest for freedom from a higher power, and seeking to find that the true power is within each and everyone of us. In Dark City, the higher power is a race of aliens that are searching for what makes the human conscious so special; while in the album the higher power is the realm of gods that man has created.

Analyzing this album has helped open my third eye and figure out an ideology that I can identify with and not feel like a hypocrite. “Gott ist tot” hasn’t happen, but Gods defiantly have been put on the back burner in my mind. The physical reality and the here and now are what I am a follower of. I am consciously aware that I have all the control in the world over my life and how it’s going to end up. 

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